Teacher’s Sex Abuse Sentence Delayed After She Gives Birth

Marka Bodine will serve 60 days in jail for sexually abusing the teenager. But the Prosecutors are trying to find some way to increase the sentence to 40 years.

The 32-Year-old teacher met the victim while she was teaching English at Tomball Intermediate School in 33 miles north Houston.

According to the boy from the class, their first interaction happened when they both began chatting on an online battleground simulator game, Fortnite. Soon, they moved their conversation offline and started texting. This is where things started to become explicit.

Texas teacher Marka Bodine. Credit: Harris County Jail

According to court documents obtained from the New York Post, the couple had sex shortly after he turned 13 years old.

The abuse went on for three more years. The teenager cooperated with the investigators and told to officials that they had sex in classroom and her car several times.

Bodine, who allegedly had an inappropriate relationship with her husband, reportedly divorced him and moved into an apartment where her victim lived.

After she disclosed to school authorities that she had been harassed by an ex-student, who threatened to harm herself, the abuse was discovered.

The boy and Bodine were then searched by local authorities. During the search, they found explicit messages and inappropriate videos on the victim’s phone.

Later, she admitted to Police that she had close physical relations with the young man. He is now 16.

Bodine was charged in one case of continuous sexual abuse against a child. However, her sentencing has been delayed due to the recent birth of her baby. However the teen is not the father of the child.

Tomball School in Texas. Credit: Google Maps

Bodine will also have to register as a sex offender after spending 60 days in prison.

In April 2021, Tomball Police Chief Jeff Bert told KRIV in April 2021 that the majority of the investigation indicated that the close physical relationship lasted for almost two and a half to three years. It appears that this was one of those cases in which the grooming of the child was involved. In other words, it was getting the person to feel trustworthy in the initial stages.

Bert said that the victim’s distress was evident and added, “It was definitely an appeal for help. He had already reached out at school and then he reached out at the police department. I believe he was overwhelmed and just reached out to the higher authorities”.

Tomball Independent School District stated at the time that Bodine was placed on administrative leave and resigned after the allegations were made.