Artist ‘Tango’ Creates Cute Little Illustrations With Their Own Creative Twists

Comic art or comics is a string of illustrations generally accompanied by dialogues that convey a story. As a medium of storytelling, adding text and conversations in comics let the artists narrate the message they want to share.

But some illustrators can willingly articulate the message. In their story, they share it with clever illustrations only. They do not use any text or conversation. And if you want to read a comic without any text, then we have something for you.

Meet one of the most famous cartoonists, Gao Youjun, Aka Tango Gao, on social media. Tango is a Chinese artist, and he is known for his minimalistic, thought-striking comic series. So, he generally draws his comic series in black and white themes. Although he sometimes adds a vitality of paint in some of his illustrations. 

Moreover, his creative pictures represent tongue-in-cheek illustrated humor, and it spies fun at the quirks of everyday life. His regular topics are people and animals, but he also infiltrates some energy into random entities. He turns them into mesmerizing personalities that give slight cultural and social whine.

Source: Instagram


So, Tango luminously utilizes optical illusion as the punchline instead of dialogues. His pantomimist cartoons illustrate the topics generally interacting with each other, but when you have a closer glimpse, you’ll find the quiet message gradually bringing form to the picture. The Shanghai-based cartoonist has been designing creative drawings with humorous twists since 2010. He gains international recognition because of his simple, quirky style. And, since 2014, his creations have also been compiled in printed media.