15 Funny Comics Featuring Tall and Short Girls’ Everyday Challenges

Sarah Pocock is a very talented artist who aspires to create great drawings and short animations focused on short girl’s problems and long girl’s problem themes. The animator further shows that many items are not made for people’s enjoyment. She illustrates with her art that the average height of a chair does not tell how much is the height of a woman who is sitting on that chair or who can lean in front of the showerhead to take a bath. Scroll down to see her artwork and for sure many of you can relate to it.

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#1 I resent continually bumping into the table

#2 When you shave, you can’t help but have to lean over

#3 It’s comfortable, but it’s still too small

#4 It’s hard not to hug him!!

#5 The ideal armrest… not!!

#6 Why do people build such tall shelves??

#7 Just too small to see things!!

#8 You don’t mean to make people feel inferior, and you sure don’t like feeling self-conscious about your height!!

#9 Brushing your teeth while looking at your chest

#10 You just don’t want to draw attention

#11 Hated by Seatbelt

#12 Not ready to look in the mirror

#13 The chair is consistently too far

Comment down that which one do you relate to the most.