20+ Dark Humor Comics That Takes Unexpected Twists


We all know how challenging and terrifying this year has been for us but still, it does not occur to you at all knowing that there are still some people who find humor in it. The comedy has always been revolving around self-defense and it’s also shocking that it’s not physically but mentally because joking about things that taint your mental health makes you trivializing, compartmentalizes, and allows you to split and process.

The talented artist Mark Virkus is so popular among people. He’s an Estonian artist and has a good flair for drama and undying love for the mainstream. Artist says that he’s a huge video game fan and his passion for the game is evident in his comics as well. He is also full of pop culture references. He loves things that are a little more obscure; for example, take the incident of Tiananmen Square. This is an infamous and groundbreaking incident where the Chinese government tried to silence its citizens.

This talented artist is inspired by sports, films, and memes in general, and other arts. Mark Virkus says that he enjoys layering different meanings in the same comic. He believes that the joy of living the new connection between art and life is unique. The artist says that these jokes are mind games for him and the reader and other times it is just the best silly jokes and it’s on the games he likes. The artist believes that creativity is like a double-edged sword. If you create something and someone likes it then it gives you an incredibly powerful high.

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#1 Dates

#2 Aliens

#3 Alzheimers

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#4 New topics

#5 Batman and Joker

#6 Angels

#7 Birthdays

#8 Propaganda

#9 Kanye

#10 Eggs

#11 Satan at funerals

#12 Germans

#13 Hoax

#14 Joker

#15 Cats

#16 Memes

#17 Fetch

#18 Monopoly

#19 Moustache

#20 Netflix & Chill

#21 Titanic

#22 Saving money

#23 Luke, no!

#24 Riots

#25 Lion-Man

#26 Stalin

#27 Praise the Sun!

#28 Fallout

#29 Harry, no!

#30 The future



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