Artist Imagine Superheroes’ Everyday Life In 9 Hilarious Comics

Lucas Nascimento is wondering what exactly is a superhero doing when he is not saving anyone’s life and how does he look at these superhero people through his different quirky work. Whether it’s just as a prank on the puppies to the other barber, he’s liked by the people only then people are loving him openly. Whenever we see a superhero, we see that this superhero is often catching and beating bad people and then even putting them in jail, but now it will not happen, which he does every day.  We will see Clark Kent as a reporter and Peter Parker as a photographer. Barring a few people, most superheroes believe in living a secluded life where they don’t need to save any planet. This quirky style is pleasing to the minds of the people because people’s expectation has now become different from that of the superhero. Lucas also shows his work on Instagram with the Dragonair banner Comic book.

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#1 It’s a wrong try!!

#2 A great mask solution!!

#3 New Hairstyle

#4 A Better look…

#5 Come Down Please

#6 Spiderman is allowed to dry his clothes everywhere!!

#7 He’s got a father

#8 The master of Invisibility

#9 Please don’t cut my hair!!