Artist Reimagined 10 Male Superheroes As Pin-Up Models and Nails It!

You will all agree that comics and superheroes are appealing to everyone. Superheroes in Marvel and DC Comics have always been masculine. Millions of people all over the world are their fans and are also crazy about their power. A talented artist whose full name is David Talaski has given these iconic characters an old twist. The way this talented artist gave him this retro pinup look takes a whole lot of sass. This transformation is quite sexy as well as very funny to watch. Fans of these superheroes are having a lot of fun watching it and they are also sharing it on social media.

We’re sure a lot of guys will appreciate the booty shorts and crop tops on these muscular men. You will also be surprised to know that Thor and Captain America are using their weapons to cover their goods in comedic gold. Scroll down to see these classic looks of your favorite superheroes with a different experience. You can also follow them on Instagram Twitter Tumblr form more information.

#1 Thor

#2 Captain America

#3 Aquaman

#4 Bucky Barnes

#5 Iron Man

#6 Doctor Strange

#7 Green Lantern

#8 Black Panther

#9 Star Lord

#10 Loki