40 Adorable Comics That Hilariously Sum Up What It’s Like Living With A Dog By This Artist (New Pics)

The artist shows the delightful moments of dogs and their owner (31 comics)

Every dog is special and cutest for his human. Whenever they stare at us with their puppy eyes or come near us and signal us to titillate them or lick us when we are sleeping. All these things increase our love for them.

Gemma is a Spanish artist who lives with her husband, one Pug named Mochi, and two other dogs named Huey and Duey. These dogs are always an inspiration for her comics. Gemma loves them very much and in return, her dogs love her more. She created many comics which were inspired by the love between dogs and her. It is adorable to see those comics, and we can relate to some of her comics. She also created an Instagram page “157 of Gemma” For such comics. She updates it regularly with new and funny comics.

Let’s see those funny comics and tell us which is the funniest one.


1. Are you sad? We are always with you.


2. As I said we will always protect you


3. I’m also here


4. Made for each other


5. His puppy face always saves him


6. He is just sleeping


7. Idiot but still adorable

Gemma said that her skills and drawing have improved with time. She loves to share the funny moments which she spends with her dogs. She didn’t think that her comics will be viral this much and will create a family of dog lovers. And now that family is continuously growing which makes her so happy.


8. Common problem

9. That lovely head tilt


10. Always adorable


11. Ohh Hii Gemma


12. Don’t disturb me while sleeping


13. Happy together


14. Space occupied

In her post, Gemma said that many of the comics she created during the lockdown period. When she spent most of her time with Mochi and other dogs. She faced some problems because of lockdown, but her dogs were always there to protect her from sadness and anxiety.

15. Ben is his best friend


16. You are my sun Gemma


17. Mami take me


18. Don’t come near her


19. Perfect family


20. Anyway Thank you


21. Did I scare you


22. Violet is his crush


23. How you can forget me


24. No space should be left between us


25. Fake acting for his smile


26. Excuse me!!


27. How you can do this to me Mami


28. I want to sleep


29. I also want to sleep


30. Too big for you dude


31. How handsome I’m