30 New Hilarious Comics A Sudden Dark Ending

The best comedy in our eyes is the one we can’t even imagine what its ending would be like. If that’s what you believe then the comics from Tony Esp is the right piece of art for you and you might be looking for it.

Tony Esp is a talented artist from Mexico. This artist has been entertaining people since 2016 with hilarious dark humor comics with unexpected endings. He has managed to establish his place as a self-taught illustrator/ animator to his 36k fans. The artist says that his comic is too strange for himself. The comics of everyday life get hilarious because of the unexpected mode. Artist Tony believes that twist is the best comedy that entertains his fans. The comics of this talented artist are full of comic magic and dark twisted endings and we hope everyone enjoys watching them.

#1 Tony Esp not coming slowly with adult intimate flirting.

#2 Grandma knows how to win poker.

#3 The Bitching Ghost.

#4 Kicked out for being daring.

#5 Death is the greatest form of freedom.

#6 Does your Dad make weird food too?

#7 Never underestimate your grandma, pals.

#8 You never know what’s behind the mask.

#9 Make a birthday wish to know who your real parents are.

#10 I will never brag.

#11 Grim Reaper Got Harassed.

#12 Are you too born in the wrong generation?

#13 Cloning gone wrong.

#14 There’s no big deal in being a chick’s lover or a pussy magnet

#15 Caution: don’t leave your dog alone to get involved in a mafia

#16 Chewing up someone’s pens is the worst form of revenge.

#17 Can you go straight?

#18 Reality check: Have some self-awareness and stop dreaming.

#19 Remember; the word hoe not only holds a single meaning

#20 The trashcan.

#21 The Perfect Bait.

#22 The difference is quite amazing.

#23 Beware of the Monster.

#24 Happiest Birthday of her life.

#25 The car you won’t regret buying.

#26 Sometimes you should fall for the scam

#27 Home Economics at its best.

#28 Fellow humans got a brand new president.

#29 You Better Drink Me.

#30 Never disappoint your mom.