12 Photos And Screenshots Of The Dumbest Things People Really Said

There is a very thin line between smart and dumb people. Some humans don’t look dumb but they are dumb. It is so disgraceful for us because we are the most intelligent race on the Earth and still some humans are these dumb. They thought what they said or what they are doing is right but when the people near them see it they get disappointed.

But still, there is one good thing that their dumbness can make us laugh because those images and chats are too funny. Here we are sharing the dumb stories that were shared on social platforms.

Scroll to the end and tell us which is your favorite dumb story and tell us if anything these dumb happened to you.

1. Anybody knows where is Louie’s

2. Self Realisation

3. Which dictionary he is preferring?


4. Oh Godd!!


5. It’s girl dude


6. And soon we all be “Dad”

7. This man is going to heaven


8. Now you know how to fraud


9.His Mathematics is killing me


10. Dumbest in all


11. Please give her a map


12. Straights are excommunicated