I Draw Stupid Comics For People With A Dark Sense Of Humor

Remi Lascault is an impressive and talented artist who wins the hearts of people through his artwork. The artist says that he did comics last summer and now he’s doing a lot of work again. He has added some new comic scripts and updates. The artist says that he is very happy to share the good news with his fans and followers. Very soon his book will also be available to everyone. You can see the artist’s new updates by visiting his Instagram or Facebook.

Remi is 32 years old and has been making comics since childhood. About a year ago, he started making a four-frame short comic script and they had no words. The artist states that he does not take much time to create the drawing parts of the comics as he is fond of rough styles, although comics require stupid jokes and twists to make them comical. The Instagram handle of this talented artist is remi_lascault and he is very famous here, he has 69.4k followers, people keep liking and commenting on his posts on Instagram. You can also follow him on Instagram for more information. Rest scroll below and enjoy their artwork.