16 Funny Comics About The Struggle Of Animal Parents Living In Modern World


Brian is a talented artist and also the author and illustrator of Zoodraws. This talented artist takes great pleasure in parenting and drawing on the lives of animals and this is also his favorite part of working. For the artist, it is a subject he enjoys when he is working. He believes that we can understand animals and we can learn many things about their behavior. Can you imagine that these animals must have had a modern civilization of their own? It gives a different experience to think that the living conditions of animals and their behavior towards each other will be understandable.

We all know how difficult parenting is so the artist has decided to add some of these to their comics. The artist wants to take these things to their fans. Parenting is a moment that everyone will feel at some point in their life. Due to the artist’s best work, many of his fans have also become. You will also get humor by reading these comics. The artist has tried to show parenting differently in these comics which is worthy of praise. You will be able to lighten your stressful day by reading their comics. You can also follow the artist on their Instagram platform for more details. Now end the wait and enjoy the art by scrolling down and also share with your friends.

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#1 Picky Kitty

#2 The Mighty Opossum

#3 It’s A Real Who-Dunnit?

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#4 Why? Why? Why?

#5 That Sweet Cat Life

#6 I Hate Dandelions

#7 Name Change

#8 Ultimate Mama Warrior!

#9 Home School – Quarantine

#10 Samwise

#11 Fantastic Patrick!

#12 New Wardrobe

#13 Blue Whale Blues

#14 So, So Deep

#15 “Dad” Not “Daddy”

#16 “Mom” Not “Mommy”



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