16 Funny Comics About The Struggle Of Animal Parents Living In Modern World

ZooDraws is one such series that will surely make you laugh in times when you are in need of something. Brian Hearn is the illustrator behind the adorable comics. Who apparently has a great love for random animal facts. Because we love to watch animals and learn about their behaviors which can be observed and remain unchanged for years.

Artist Brian loves to imagine what it would be like for the animals living in our modern world. And the results are downright hilarious. Drawing also themes ranging from grand adventures to adventures as a parent based in New York. So Artist Brain, fully sheds light on how animal parenting, friendship, work, relationships, and other related everyday life How to deal with situations.

So after gaining a lot of followers on social media pages, the artist hopes to portray it as a full time or maybe part-time job. Without further ado, we have compiled his recently released creation. And we hope that you can relate to at least one of them. So Take a look and enjoy!

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#1 Picky Kitty

#2 The Mighty Opossum

#3 It’s A Real Who-Dunnit?!

#4 Why?

#5 That Sweet Cat Life

#6 I Hate Dandelions

#7 Name Change

#8 Ultimate Mama Warrior!

#9 Home School – Quarantine

#10 Samwise

#11 Fantastic Patrick!

#12 New Wardrobe!

#13 Blue Whale Blues

#14 So, So Deep

#15 “Dad” Not “Daddy”

#16 “Mom” Not “Mommy”