Strongest Woman Crushes Three Watermelons With Her Thighs In Under 15 Seconds

A woman who was crowned as the strongest woman in Scotland in 2019 attempted to beat the current Guinness World Record in watermelon-breaking. Emmajane Smith, a fitness fanatic, attempted to break three watermelons with only her thighs when she appeared as a guest for ‘This Morning’ show.

Emmajane was declared Scotland’s strongest woman in 2019.

ITV / This Morning

There were no Guinness World Record authorities present to authenticate the achievement; however, the presenters suggested that Emmajane’s time record could be sent in should it break the previous record to be considered after the show.

Emmajane admitted that this is quite a different challenge from the routine she has. She told the presenters, “What I love about it is, it’s something everyone can relate to. It’s a great way to show how strong a woman can be, and everyone knows what a watermelon is.”

Emmajane isn’t the first woman who attempted this – previously, a woman from Las Vegas had attempted as well and so far, Guinness World Record has not been officially approved.

ITV / This Morning

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield opened the show by reminding people of Ukraine’s Olga Liaschuk, who broke three watermelons in 14.65 seconds back in 2015. Nobody has been able to break the record that was showcased on the very same show with the same hosts who witnessed her fantastic prowess.

“That means Olga still holds the title, but can it be beaten?” Phillip asked.

The woman who is used to weightlifting is finally attempting to break watermelons for a change.

While Olga’s time record was 14.65 seconds, Emmajane managed to break hers with 1.52 seconds left!

ITV / This Morning

Phillip explains before she begins, “Obviously, there are no Guinness World Record people here to adjudicate this record. But what we can do is, if we think we’ve done it, we can send the footage with the timings and the paperwork. And hopefully, if you have done it, you get a world record.”

A new record?! She got it with almost two seconds left from the current record time.

ITV / This Morning

Watch as she breaks those watermelons below live!