30 ”Still A Good Mom” Illustrations Encourage Moms To Be Themselves

Artist Jamina Bone was hit with strong postpartum depression after the birth of her second child. She felt undeserving and unbroken of being a mother of her little ones and selfish for wanting to get away. She kept the negative thoughts in her mind and often imagined terrifying things. She didn’t realise she was depressed. She thought she was just failing. Might be the reasons of depression are being isolated the first several months and lack of sleep and also not handling the sudden death of her mother in law from cancer when she was pregnant.

However, Bone found the way to get out of the rut. She ditch social norms and encourage herself to be a good mother. She is illustrating everyday situations. With her pictures, she reminds people that a woman can have doubts and still be a good mom.

Source:- Instagram

‘Still A Good Mom’ Illustrator Jamina Bone



“It went from a very educational approach where I was constantly looking up the ‘best’ way to handle every aspect to being unable to move,” Bone told. “I used to plan activities, limit screen time, and make every opportunity a learning moment. I was a Special Educator before having kids so this was everything I wanted and felt equipped to do it all. When PPD hit, it was like wading through mud or even quicksand and still being expected to do all the things.”


“We moms are bombarded with the ‘proper’ ways to parent from Google to Pinterest and perfection-blasted on social media,” Bone said. “We share baby milestones with our friends and loved ones, but forget to discuss the difficulties of parenthood. Well, let’s be real, motherhood. The mother is expected to give 100% of her body, most of her time, and the majority of her mental energy planning for the what-ifs and all the needs. Community is lost, support is seen as weakness, and if you’re depressed, you’re seen as ungrateful and selfish.”


“My mother was selfless, but I would also say she hated her body, felt unlovable, and rattled with guilt for not seeing abuses that happened to her children,” Bone explained. “She used so many opportunities to punish herself from not dating, not taking care of her body, to even shaming herself in front of us.”