8 Times People Posed With Statues And Took It To Another Level

Boring sculptures became funny when people posed with them

There are many sculptures in our world, and we also saw some of them in our streets and city. Most of them are made up of bronze or plaster. And it is quite boring to see them because they are painted in only one color. But these creative people made those sculptures alive again.

When people say posing near sculptures is boring, my friends that’s not sculpture fault it is your fault that you lack creativity. Because when these people pose with them, they nailed it. When you will see those images you will be shocked too by seeing such funny images.

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1. Helping hand

2. Give me all your money

3. Timing is everything

4. That’s corruption bro

5. This statue is more hygienic than many men

6. Let’s dance

7. He’s mine now

8. That’s my baby

9. I’m sorry little human

10.  Sexy butt lady

11. Someone please save him

12. Can you please tell me this address

13. I’m really sorry, I will never talk to her I promise

14. I’ll save this world from you evil dragon

15. Giant pigeon

16. What a “drag”

17. Please save me

18. Nice move

19. So romantic

20. Stop going ‘Burger king’

21. What are you checking?

22. His expression

23. Now I’m gonna eat you all

24. Catch it

25. Listen you little brat