This Artist Illustrate Spine Chilling Comics With Unexpected Dark Ending

Everyone is tired of the traditional stories as it shows only two concepts like a good man killing a bad man and all the demons keep fighting with the good man. The same concept is being repeated all around. Ehud Levski is a famous writer and illustrator and Yael Nathan is an illustrator. They understand these same story points and now they want to do something different. Their stories are more exciting and better than the old rotten tales. Let us have a look to all of it. 

#1 Ark

The hunter seems to be tracking an animal for months and has never had the opportunity to kill it.

Is the fox going to get her this time or is she going to run away like she always does?

Finally, he kills her! But gunshot has attracted other predators

Wait, what? He was in search of a non-mutated fox? He didn’t kill her..

Aww. Its a happy ending for the fox.

He’s a hero, he has been saving all the non-mutated animals from being attacked by mutants.

You must have realized by watching this story that how great it is from the earlier stories and how realistic this man saved animals from turning into mutants.

#2 Midnight Radio

Any idea what is she trying to hear on the radio?

It’s a radio station that plays haunting songs that she probably can relate to.

Trying to search for that channel


Coordinates to a place? Who would randomly just air coordinates of a place on a radio station? This is kinda creepy…

It seems like a radio station but is situated in a haunted area..

Oh no!! It is a skeleton playing music.

Was she just a dark person or from a different world??

#3 Cold Embrace

This one’s a love story! All the couples should embrace themselves.

Oh no too soon, we thought George RR Martin enjoys killing its characters in GOT.

He was way too obsessed with her.

It’s too hard for a love-struck to find peace in another person.

#14 Did he just kill himself…? Let’s find out!

This is creepy and scary as hell!

You may have thought like us that this will turn out to be something of a love story, but it has turned out to be a short and great comic. George R. R. Martin is not the only person who kills the characters.