Spider-Man slams into Avengers Campus building after mid-air malfunction

Spider-Man is world famous for sticking to walls rather than crashing into them, but he spectacularly slammed into a building at the Avengers Campus – and, as ever, someone caught the incident on camera and posted it to social media for the world to see.

Spidey was swinging acrobatically through the air as part of a regular routine at the Disney California attraction when it all went wrong and he hit a wall, causing it to fall in spectacular fashion.

But don’t worry, web-fans, your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man was uninjured – it was in fact an animatronic machine, programmed to perform acrobatic stunts, that got its bearings wrong, rather than an actual person slamming into a wall.

While the audience who witnessed the incident were initially shocked by what they had seen, it quickly became known that nobody was harmed, and then that shock turned to laughter and people calling it ‘the funniest thing ever’.

It took workers a couple of hours to repair the damage to the attraction – the wall is supposed to come away during the performance, but not like that – and then after that it was up and running as usual and Spidey was completing his missions again without further mishaps. At the attraction, guests can help Spider-Man to recapture his Spider-Bots after they escape, and explore the Avengers’ headquarters.

But workers should be used to having to repair walls at the Avengers Campus though, given there is a Hulk running around smashing everything in sight on a regular basis.