Embarrassed Son Begs Mom To Change Outfit As He Accuses Her Of ‘Showing Too Much’

Some children would absolutely shiver at the thought of their parents sharing thirst pictures on social media. Some are very supportive, while some aren’t completely against it, but also wish they won’t overdo it. Erica Gaytan’s son is the third as he told his mom to cover up a little on a viral TikTok video. Meant as a casual, funny exchange, the viral video soon sparked debate among parents discussing how she should’ve dressed.

This TikTok video went viral with more than 1.5 million views and 242k likes.

In the video, the mom explained, “Okay. So, my son is really pressed about my outfit.”

She then pans the selfie camera to show her body and outfit. It was a low V-neck tank top in nude color coupled with a pair of frayed denim shorts.

“It’s hard out here to be a young mom,” wrote the Mexican mom.

One commented, “Typical mom… only caring about herself and not their kid’s feelings…”

Erica refuted the negative response and said, “This was literally for a photo only. I know when to dress like this and when not to!”

The glam mom confidently played with her wavy hair and had full makeup on in the video.

“Because it’s showing too much,” her son replied with a troubled expression.

“How am I showing too much?” Erica spoke back to him.

“I don’t want guys looking at you,” the son explained.

“Guys are not gonna look at me, babe,” she tried to reassure her son.

“Are you sure?”