Soldier Reunites with Elderly Dog After 3 Months, Old Dog Could Not Stop Crying

When it comes to loyalty then the dog is the first animal. Hannan Foraker is an army woman who is having a horse and a dog. She gave the horse the name derby and the dog’s name is buddy. The dog is of 13 years and spends most of the time with her best friend. The best friend of the dog is Hannah. For the basic training, Hannah has to go to Oklahoma. When she came back home on Christmas eve, she was very much excited to meet her best friend and even the same buddy was also feeling.

#1 The best friend of Hannah is Buddy “the dog”.

#2 a quite sad feeling when she was leaving her best friend

As we know that buddy was deaf but she was having a great love for her. Buddy shows all his gratitude towards Hannah. When she entered the house, he ran away from her and started crying in her lap.

#3 after months, when she came back

#4 buddy started crying after seeing her best friend

#5 he opens his paws to welcome her

Everyone has feelings but it is upon the person in what way they are showing their feelings. Soldiers are also having feelings when it comes to their family and friend. It does not matter at what time they are meeting.

#6 same feelings both are having

#7 he keeps his face in the Hannah’s lap

#8 this part shows the bond between human and animal

#9 animals can be a true friend