Artist Criticizes Our Society By Showing Two Different Sides Of The Same Story (24 Comics)

Most of you must have heard about Gudim Anton, a Moscow-based Illustrator known for creating funny short panel comics filled with visible sentences and strange quirks that offer a new perspective on this modern world. Although from a short time, this artist is trying to work on a slightly different idea. The artist has created an account on Instagram with the name “YES, BUT” where he creates comics with full short stories based on society and their values comics which ​​only contain two panels. The artist’s sparring style rests on his ability to tell succinctly and he presents situations in a more fun way to the public. Many of his new works have the latest themes, such as consumerism and the psychology behind luxury brands or even controversial topics like vaccines. These comics give us a good idea of ​​the society we are currently living in.

When asked by Bored Panda what influenced him, the artist said that many factors influence his style. The artist decided that it was very difficult for him to analyze himself. Artist said he grew up in Russia in the 90s and told us that he and his older brother loved comics, American cartoons, and TV game consoles.

The artist further explained that after growing up, illustration was not his main profession and he graduated from a technical university and started working as an engineer then the artist changed jobs and moved on in life but he was getting bored with life and decide that he would revisit his childhood hobby but with a more formed worldview.

Next, when Gudim was asked about his views on comics, he explained that he already has an absurdist surrealist style and he sees the world through the style when he isn’t busy with everyday tasks. The artist says that over the years he has trained himself to be noticed and be in constant search of ideas.

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