Snoop Dogg’s personal blunt roller gets high pay rise

The costs of many items are going up right now, and this hasn’t escaped legendary rapper Snoop Dogg, who has revealed he has given his full-time personal blunt roller a pay rise.

Snoop first employed his blunt roller back in 2019, and it has been previously reported that their salary was between $40-$50,000 per year. But now Snoop has raised the wage, although he didn’t say how much by.

The reason for the raise? Simple: “inflation!” the rapper tweeted.

The unnamed professional blunt roller – yes, that is his job title – also gets numerous non-monetary perks with the job, such as all the free weed he can handle, as well as all expenses paid trips around the world as he keeps his boss in blunts wherever he may be. Snoop also shares the free items he gets, such as clothes, with him.

The professional blunt roller – perhaps Snoop doesn’t want him named in case someone tries to poach him? – has had his skills and the quality of his service praised by others who have met him in the past, including actor Seth Rogen.