Smuggled Cocaine Worth $83 Million Mistakenly Sent To Supermarkets

It sounds like the plot of a comedy crime caper, but we assure you that this has really happened – bungling drug smugglers managed to miss a massive consignment of drugs which ended up being delivered to supermarkets in Czechia. 

Supermarket workers got the shock of their lives as they unpacked shipments of bananas, only to find huge blocks of cocaine hidden among them. 

The supermarkets brought in the police who rounded the haul of drugs up, estimating it to have a total street value of $83 million. 

The drugs, thought to have originated in Columbia, were first delivered to Hamburg in Germany, before making their way to supermarkets in Prague, Jicin and Rychnov nad Kneznou in Czechia, also known as the Czech Republic. Police have determined that the drugs all came from the same batch.

A police officer and sniffer dog conduct inspections after cocaine cubes were found in banana boxes by supermarket workers.

Czech Police confirmed on Twitter that the workers found the moulded cocaine cubes hidden in the boxes of bananas. 

It’s not known where the drugs were supposed to be destined for – and why smugglers didn’t intercept the consignment beforehand. 


Czech Police, along with customs officers, are currently conducting enquiries and have asked for help from international police and judicial cooperation, given that the consignment originated from outside of the country. The investigation is ongoing – but no, we don’t know if they are pursuing several lines of enquiry.

Cocaine cubes found in banana boxes, in June, 2022, in Jicin and Rychnov nad Kneznou in the Czech Republic. (@PolicieCZ/Zenger)

The international cocaine trade has boomed in recent years with production of the drug estimated to have doubled from 2014 to 2019 with nearly 1,800 tonnes (expressed at 100% purity) produced, and has reached record levels, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.