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10+ Smart People Ever Have A Complex Life

Straight out of the bottle

Wine lovers have been looking the easiest way to drink it. They have loved for centuries.

Easy Peasy

Here is the easiest way to make a cheese snack. Take a Babybel cheese, cut it in half and sprinkle it with grated cheese of your choice. So, your healthy snack is ready.

McDonald Remix

They took two simple McDonald’s snacks and turned them into a delicious blend of flavours. A creative person do anything.

Find a seat

This person have found a great way to get a seat on a crowded subway train. Just fall down like there is something wrong happened with him, and when everybody gets up to get away from you, take an empty seat.

Iced tea

Smart way to cool your tea, ice cubes made with iced tea. As the poster says, this is the innovative and great way to keep your iced tea from getting diluted. Tea lovers can enjoy it!!!

Hug Inducer

What a romantic thought it was. This caring and loving husband could ask for a hug or even give one to his wife first, but he was waiting for her to feel ill anyways it’s a bit romantic!



Written by Shavi

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