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10+ Smart People Ever Have A Complex Life

Bath Time

Here is the straightforward way to keep your dog calm. But this idea might work for his dog, it seems to form more work in the process.

Household Utensils

Don’t you think a plastic hanger work like this. This lady did not have any spoon or fork so, she found a pretty good solution but she ruin a good hanger.

Bad Things

If you don’t know, Sheherazade was the storyteller in Thousand and One Nights. I don’t think that person would have done well.

3017-Level Macking

While he was at the club, a guy handed his card to that girl. By scanning the QR code, his phone gave access to all his social medias accounts.

How to better hide your valueables

Whenever in future you want to hide your valuables so try this idea this will definitely help you.

Written by Shavi

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