10+ Smart People Ever Have A Complex Life

Most of the time people meet with the situations that can make things more painful. Perhaps many people find the way of solving it. Most of them go further and find effortless hacks that we all desire we had first.

It doesn’t matter who is the person. These hacks applied by anyone whether they have been in the neighborhood once or twice, or they are just starting their lives, anyone can come up with an hack that works. These hacks have the solution for common problems, usually these hacks and ideas are planned to fight with every day’s headache.

So, we have some amazing life saver hacks for your every problem, here some solutions of people who are too cleaver for their own benefit.

Source:- BizarreArt

Phone Video Hack

A guy come up with a right idea. We don’t have to suffer anymore. He turned his charger plug into an simple way to watch videos on his hands- free phone. But I don’t know how his teacher react after catching him on his phone. Let’s hope he doesn’t get caught.

Makeup On Point

What should a person do if they need to wash their hair but their eye makeup is perfect. Obviously, wear a pair of swimming glasses. This permit you to wash your hair while not ruining your makeup.

Cereal box/bowl

If you do not have a bowl so show some smartness here. I hope you have a spoon. Even if you didn’t, I’m sure that MacGyver could prepare something to help you.

Salted Caramel

It works, if you want to eat salted caramel. This is true if you cry a lot and your tears enter into your mouth as you eat salted caramel. Drastic words, but true.

Travel to Vegas

This idea is appropriate and best until his father checks the camera when he is supposed to be dark. Certainly, if the kid contains his trips during the day, he should be fine. I bet he forgot everything and was taken.