Sleeping with a fan on through the night could be terrible for you

With summer temperatures rising across Europe and the US right now, many people will be tempted to have a fan on overnight in the bedroom to keep them cool and ensure they can get some much-needed shut-eye.

But while this strategy could help you get to sleep, it could leave you feeling ill – and that’s before you see the effect it has on your electricity bill!

Experts at Sleep Advisor have warned that extended use of a fan during sleeping hours could leave people with a range of issues, including sinus pain and dry skin.

If the fan causes the air to be particularly dry, warn Sleep Advisor, the body can produce more mucus to try and offset that. This, in turn, can lead to a blocked nose and possibly sinus headaches, which can be debilitating, as sufferers know all too well.

Also, sleeping with a cool breeze can cause muscles to stiffen up – we all know an older relative who complains about stiffness if they’ve been sat in a draft – which can cause issues the next day.

There are ways to offset this risk, Sleep Advisor add. For instance, a rotating fan, rather than one that blows air in one place, can help to circulate the air. Likewise, there are fans available with timers on, so they can be used to help you get to sleep, then turn off once you are safely in the land of nod.

Of course, these risks have to be weighted up against the benefits of sleeping with a fan on, such as regulating body temperature and circulating the air.