Artist’s 20 Single-Picture Horror Stories That Will Give You Chills

Horror comics and horror movies should be watched only during day time because after watching them at night the consequences can disturb you. There is another reason for this because for 3-hours continuously we keep looking at that scary scene due to which the fear is inside us and it takes some time to get out of it. Now you can enjoy horror short stories without wasting several hours watching horror stories. For this, we should be very grateful to Irish illustrator Brian Coldrick. His webcomic ‘Behind You: One-Shot Horror’ captures horror moments and the time of the audience for watching it will also be very less. Through the webcomic, you can enjoy the scary moments.

His pictures are captivating in the very first scene but it is scary and there are also ghostly scenes that are deeply comical. This amazing artist based in London draws inspiration especially from horror movies, horror internet stories, and horror books. The short stories are even more terrifying such as the anxieties, doubts, and loneliness. It is not normal and emerges only when the artist is lonely.

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