Artist’s 30 Single Panel Comics With Sudden Humor

Nate Fakes from Los Angeles, California. He is a full-time cartoonist, writer and illustrator. Most of his comics are on situational humor, ridiculous situations, gags and puns and involve anything from animals and humans to inanimate objects.

Almost every profession takes so many failures and rejection to make the best of it. Although, Artist Nate have his unique style of doodling which makes him different from the crowd.

From college, Nate has been professionally working with many newspapers and magazines.

If you are looking for a break or joke then his comics are best to brighten up your day. Scroll down and check out his comics for hilarious laugh.

Source- Nate Fakes


Nate shared about his background in drawing and his key inspirations: “I’ve always drawn ever since I hit my first box of crayons. Naturally, I kept with them into adulthood. I just have a passion to keep doing them. I suppose my biggest inspiration was The Far Side and MAD Magazine.”


Artist talked about his vast experience as a cartoonist. He has been a cartoonist. It’s a tough profession, but the most rewarding profession, too.” He also compared working for an agency and freelance. “At an agency, you don’t get to pick and choose your projects. Plus, you have to abide by their rules in terms of writing and drawing. It was a great experience, but he like the freedom. So, the freedom he has working solo is probably the best part about it. There are times when he miss hanging out with other people. However, he still prefer all his work to come out of his own studio.”




He also gave his two cents to comic artists that are only beginning their journey. “It’s hard and brutal. You’ll have a ton of rejection and almost nothing works out as planned. It takes thick skin to hang in there and keep working at cartooning. If you work hard and have a goal of becoming a cartoonist, there’s a good chance you’ll become one. Most people give up. Hang in there. You may end up not being able to do exactly what you want when it comes to cartooning, but the journey may take you someplace better.