Artist’s 12 Sick Comics Of The Silly Stuff Happen To Most Of Us


Fazri Maulana is a very popular artist and people read his comics with passion. He is originally from Indonesia and this popular Indonesian artist loves to make comics in his spare time and entertains people by displaying the thoughts going on in their minds in the form of comics. People can find out their thinking silly just by looking at the pictures of their comics. It would not be wrong at all to say that his comics directly connect with the people. This talented artist has about 7.6k followers on Instagram but we hope that this tremendous artist will win the hearts of people here too through his artwork. His comics have fresh look, due to which the reader is also attracted to it and their curiosity also increases.

Below we are giving you glimpses of some of his best collection comics, you can enjoy them by scrolling down. If you like his work then you can follow this artist on Instagram.

#1 Air Freshener

#2 Why Even Bother About It??

#3 Children Of Thanos!!

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#4 Diet

#5 Life’s Going To Stop Working When It’s Gone!!

#6 Hold On A Second..

#7 That’s a Mate!!

#8 Instagram Jokes About That..

#9 My Mood Has A Hair In It.

#10 How Does Such A Human Being Exist??

#11 Finding A Connection Here

#12 Twisted



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