30 Funny Comics That Cover Silly Situations By Chuck Ingverson

Life can be pretty monotonous sometimes and finding something to entertain yourself all the time is difficult. This is why we have brought you one of our favorite very funny cartoonists. These illustrations will put a smile on your face. Chuck Ingvarson AKA captainscratchy is a Chicago-based artist, who is all you need to get your mood lit up. The cartoons artist draws are crisp and edgy. He showcases life situations represented by animals.

Chuck is a freelance humor writer, Cartoonist, editor, and graphic designer. He specializes in making funny greeting cards featuring his cartoons. He has got his cartoons published in many magazines as well. The artist started drawing around 2008 and now has more than 6k followers on Instagram. He was a Former Deputy sports editor for a newspaper before starting his career as a full-time cartoonist.

Artist usually draws animals in humans like situations using dark humor, which makes it even funnier. Like, who won’t wanna see two sharks joking about eating a human.

Artist takes silly facts and turns them into some silly and goofy jokes. Which is hilarious when an animal is doing it. His representation of the relationship between animals and humans is engaging and funny.

The protagonist of the comics is always an animal like dogs, cats, bears, horses, otters, sharks, and many more. Chuck loves drawing cats and sharks as the main characters the most. They are the most quirky characters he has featured in his series. He has created a whole universe around these animals where the cat prevents an alien invasion, the baby shark hates the song baby shark and so much more.

These illustrations are enough to make your bones tickle. Scroll down and find the best picks from Chuck Ingvarson Instagram.