Artist Draws Short Comic Stories That Will Spark Positive Vibes

Have you ever read a comic that undoubtedly warms your heart? No? Well, we have that kind of comic series to share that will definitely spark your soul with positive vibes.

Meet Brazilian illustrator Ademar Vieira. He has recently published a comic series that will surely warm your heart. Yes, he is the author of Seven Colors of the Amazon. And his goals are to make people laugh and picture the harsh reality of our current society with all his comics.

He has more than 47K followers on Instagram. Vieira connects tragic points. And admittedly, that many words are not required to show compelling facts. And this series is the evidence for that. Being more than enough to arouse emotions, the journalist touches on topics that include owning a pet, parenting, injustice, loneliness, and more.

The artist rose as a screenwriter. And moreover, he has drawn various comics, And he recently drew his new series on COVID-19 regulations and difficulties of quarantine. His series perfectly described the soundless story of our world and were filled with striking thoughts and touching sentiments.

So, we’ve assembled Vieira’s recent series for your feel. This compilation might make you teary, but definitely comics to learn from. Have a look and Enjoy!

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#1 A Christmas story.

This story of Santa Claus was real. It was based on a real-life tale that Edmar had heard. He was demanded to compose the story of Santa Claus, and he initially considered it would be full of all varieties of fun and goofy stuff. And here is the result.

#2 What really matters.

#3  Mother.

Ademar devoted this comic piece to all moms of breathing things. Artist drew this series in memory of the arson that ended the forest of Amazon in Brazil and the Pantanal. Ademar penned, “It strikes us, but not to the equal extent that it harms animals.”

#4 The Theater.