Shocking Real Story About The Crime Happened Inside The Amityville Horror House

The fact remains the same whether portrayed through films, books, or other mediums that the events that happened were someone’s haunting reality at one time. The lovers of anything related to horror would like to read the interesting story behind the Amityville horror house. It is about the truth of the Defeo and Lutz families during their time in New York in the Amityville home. 

Sometimes it is hard to believe that everything that is happening in the book or movie has actually occurred in reality. Though moviemakers add few parts and several fictional elements to make the film fictionally prevailing and scarier. Still, realizing that horror scenes that you are watching have already happened gives you goosebumps. If you want to know about the real story behind the Amityville Horror house, then you are at the right place. Scroll down to know what happened based on the archived folders and documented interviews.

#1 House is situated in Amityville 

#2 DeFeo family lived in this house for 9 years

#3 Confession of Ronald DeFeo Jr.

#4 The Trial

#5 The Lutz Family

#6 House at less cost

#7 Lutz family observed some strange things 

#8 Things get worst

#9 Nightmares of Kathy

#10 Melissa Lutz’s imaginary friend

#11 The Red Room

#12 The Sewing Room

#13 Blessing of the house

#14 The short say

#15 Paranormal investigators

#16 Figure 

#17 Daniel Lutz

#18 The End