Artist Draws 10+ Sarcastic Illustrations That Pointing Out Social Flaws With A Fair Sense of Humor

Elsa Combo is a freelance designer, illustrator, and self-named ‘free spirit’ who loves turning his views and observations on life into deep conceptual drawings. “

Life is too short to get a real job,” is not your usual motto, but for this Italian artist, it’s a mantra. Also known as Gebe, he combines his passion for graphic design and philosophy to create colorful drawings that are often thought-provoking. He employs a Minimalist style to ensure his drawings point out societal flaws in the simplest language while maintaining a fair sense of humor.

In his thought-provoking illustrations, Gebe reflects on controversial topics, such as social habits, media, and religion making us face the harsh reality of today’s world.

Source: Instagram | | Behance

#1 Humanity, A Degenerative Disease

#2 Breaking The Rule

#3 Dream Big, It’s Free

#4 We Can Undo It!

#5 The Solo Traveller