An Artist Makes Funny Illustrations With Sarcastic Endings (14 pics)

Cameroon is the creator and artist of the famous Goattoself Illustration. Goattoself illustration is very famous for its scariest and absurd jokes and this is what we have come up with. There is a lot of craze for these scary and funny jokes among people and people still give them a lot of affection.

Artist Cameron is a very polite Canadian. He lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. His comic is very funny and it is very popular among people. Artist Cameron makes people laugh by using more absurd jokes than his thinking. This art of Artist Cameron is mostly permitted to wild but how is it right in a way because he does this only to make people laugh. You can also see some excerpts from his work below. We hope that his artwork will reduce your stress and make you laugh a lot. You can follow him on Instagram Facebook Twitter Website for more information.















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