Dry Humor, Sarcasm, And Absurdity Blended Together In Funny Comics By Steve Nelson (20 Pics)

Whenever good artwork comes up with new humor, it doesn’t fail but impressively entertains people. You can assume from this that a stand-up comedian has turned into a graphic designer. Then what will be the result of this in the people? Steve Nelson, aka Snelles, has shed his passion for comedy with art and answered the question.

This artist turned illustrator from a comedian and does great and funny comics every day to entertain people. His jokes range from color to black and white and text-based pictures and they all have a special element of humor. In an interview with Bored Panda, Steve said that his style is simple, cartoony, and crude and also considers ludicrous and dry and sarcastic jokes for humor. The artist further explained his process in the interview, saying that he tries to cover everything when writing comics. Steve said that he wrote one-liner and that his drawings are no different, they are all non-sequitur.

The artist told that his main motive is to make people laugh and money. He started writing comedy at the age of 16 and started his career as a stand-up comedian. He then for some time worked for radio and TV as well. The artist further mentioned that Pandemic also changed the dedication of his illustration. Let us now have a look at his recent work.

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#1 Take A Picture

#2 Construction Error

#3 We All Do It

#4 The Mole Tavern

#5 Balls

#6 Abducted

#7 Life

#8 When I Tell People I’m Here For Them

#9 Shopping Baskets

#10 American Army Knife

#11 Occupational Hazard

#12 Spacesuit

#13 Sheep Straighteners

#14 Brave Knights On The Magnetic Fields

#15 Dead Sentence

#16 Panda Jam

#17 Dummy

#18 Which Wire?

#19 Shadow Fed Up

#20 Blew It