Burn Victim Cosplaying Deadpool Receives Great Reply From Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is generous, kind, and a good human having funny essence. In the last few days, Ryan has been admired for his sweet response to an inspirational Instagram post of a burnt victim. 

John Quin, a 21-year-old Jadiant is an ambassador for the Courageous Faces Foundation. This foundation is devoted to improving the lives of people affected by severe medical conditions. He had posted his photo in which he was dressed up like Ryan’s most popular character, Deadpool. John tagged Ryan in his post but has never thought that his idol would respond. 

When John was playing in a barn, his dog knocked over the candle. Since then, he has undergone about 100 surgeries. Jadiant says that Deadpool has made him feel self-confident in his abilities and himself. He says that the character makes him feel that there is no need to hold back and can show the world his capabilities. Take a look at how Ryan responded generously to John’s post.

source: Jadiant





When Jadiant received a response from Ryan, he got emotional. 

Jadiant said that his idol Ryan Reynolds knows he exists and saw how much effort he put into that moment. 





Ryan replied in the best possible way.




Jadiant added he felt reborn as Ryan has seen his post. He thought he was dreaming.