17 Hilariously Funny Illustrations By Ryan Pagelow With Unexpected Endings

This famous illustration is created by Chicago-based Ryan Pagelow. He brings classic stories to the audience in a different way, so people love these amazing illustrations and artwork by Ryan Pagelow. People are getting inspired by his original ideas. His amazing artwork touches the hearts of people and at the same time entertains them. The artist’s different perspective is also the real reason for its popularity. Buni (a 2-foot rabbit with long and black colored paws) is the main character of his comics who is pleasing to the mind of the people. Apart from this, the artist also pays full attention to other characters as well as portrays those characters.

Now his character Buni is going through a chain of bad events and the artist is finding it exciting. Everyone gets their happiness, so we imagine that Buni will also get happiness and the clouds of sorrow will vanish from her life. So enjoy it by scrolling down and let us know which one do you enjoyed the most.

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