Russian Blogger Recreated Celebrity Outfits In Hilarious Ways (20 Pics)

Clothes are too pricey. Even if you go shopping for a tiny bag with a luxury designer brand label, it will cause a crack in your pocket account. But if you are a big fan of some celebrity and when you see them sporting high designer pieces, you get tempted to wear the same. So, the best way left to accomplish this is you recreate their looks. Right? But how?

Well, you can take a tip or two from this genius. Meet this Thai cosplayer who recreates the looks of celebrities by using some stuff. And I must say these recreations are so hilariously accurate. And, the blogger utilizes everything that comes to hand to create ‘enhanced’ versions of well-known celebs.

So, this Russian blogger named Yuriy Isterika has an entire celebrity series of mockeries. And he posted his parodies on his Instagram account, and his hilariously genius talent gained him over 25,000 followers.

Moreover, his recreations are very convincing, and he seriously nailed the celeb looks from magazine coverings, and he even attempted Beyonce and Lady Gaga. Besides, you can clearly see his efforts and creativity in his work. Also, people are already his fan and very much impressed with his facial expressions and ideations.

So, you will not only see his creativity, but the ridiculousness in his work will tickle you to the bone. He usually recreated the looks of someone famous worldwide, and the end results are so hilarious. Even the celebrities who are featured in his work love his recreations. So, we hope you would like to have a look and enjoy it too. Well, so go scroll down and check them out.

More info: Instagram

<2>#1 Gigi Hadid

#2 Elton John

#3 Ekaterina Varanava

#4 Angelina Jolie

#5 Celest Barber

#6 Angela Markel

#7 Ariana Grande

#8 Penelope Cruz

#9 Billie Eilish

#10 Angelina Jolie

#11 Madonna

#12 Vera Brezhneva

#13 Kristina Orbakaite

#14 Irina Ponarovskaya

#15 Cardi B

#16 Emilia Clarke

#17 Olga Seryabkina

#18 Lady Gaga

#19 Beyonce

#20 Polina