Most Ridiculous Things Roommates Stole From Each Other 10+ Whisper post

Anyone who has ever lived with roommates knows it can be a gamble. Most people have at least one horrible ex-roommate story to tell and if they don’t, it might be because they were the horrible roommate.

Some roommates are messy, some are loud, some are late on rent, and the worst ones aren’t afraid to steal from you. At least, that’s what these people discovered and they’re telling Whisper all about the weirdest things they discovered missing after a roommate left.

#1 But why?

#2 That’s just messed up.

#3 Well, time to treat yo’ self to a trip to Sephora and send them a bill.

#4 What kind of a prank is that?

#5 I would be too.

#6 This roommate should really sue.

#7 For soda?

#8 Who would do such a horrible thing?

#9 Tell the doctor.

#10 Honestly, who steals a fork?