People Whose Ridiculously Edited Instagram Pics Look Beyond Fake

The height that people go to get the perfect Instagram photo is quite wild. People worldwide now earn a living by sharing candid and beautiful pictures on Instagram; hence, each picture must be as pristine as possible. But, most at times, these Instagrammers or perhaps influencers go the step too far with the filters and photoshop, which hilariously result in their content looking so good they’re bad. However, nothing escapes the eye of the Instagram Reality Subreddit.

If you are new to the Subreddit, it’s regarded as a community that searches and shames the most heavily photo-edited Instagram photos. Countless fake Instagrammers have continually felt the heat of the subreddit trolls. Indeed, the slams are enough to make anyone thinking photoshop think twice as you being a victim isn’t an option. FYI, no matter how stunning photos on your Instagram feed appear, 80% of them aren’t authentic. If this sounds unbelievable, you then will have to take a look at our compilation. These photo edits are hilarious, but a few are downright creepy. Have a look!

#1 “So what now, are we supposed to be ashamed of our… ankles?”

#2 “Skin? Never heard of her.”

#3 “Just a reminder that the best of the best influencers can’t and don’t live up to the expectations they set for the rest of us.”

#4 “When one person posts the edited photo and the other posts the original.”

#5 “Had this saved as inspiration to lose weight when struggling with an eating disorder. Now, I can’t believe I never noticed the water bending around her waist.”