Reverse The Role Of Human And Animals In 30 Ironic Illustrations By An Artist

We (humans) are consuming so much of animal production like meat, dairy eggs  so on. We are continuously harm them for our benefits only. We should think about them also but nobody wants to think about the conditions these animals live in.

Artist Barbara Daniels shared the reality of the world in his illustrations. By her illustrations, she cover the darker side that we (humans) often sweep under the rug. Animals kept in these farms, are often just a hair away from animal cruelty cases, with their living conditions being the bare minimum requirements to keep them alive.

“Dominion Over Man”, this is the title of this comic series and the topics range from horrible to a bit more lighthearted. Artist Barbara has incontrovertibly created thought provoking illustrations in her newest, mainly as they depict what our world will look like if the roles of humans and animals were reversed.

Artist has over 27k followers on Instagram which shows how much her followers love her work. We have collected his illustrations which will make you realise about the world. Scroll down and check it out.

Source:- Instagram


The main goal of these illustrations is to let people aware and learn about our world by holding a mirror up to humanity and imagining life from the viewpoint of other creatures dominated by the human race.


If we imagine a parallel universe where domestic species and they treated us like we (humans) treats them. It’s scary, right?

The artist’s style is interestingly a mix between realism and caricature, sure to captivate your attention.