30 Funny And Relatable “Anxious Animals” Comics

There is a talented artist, named Amee Wilson, who often focuses on creating animal comics to relieve their stress and anxiety. During an interview with Bored Panda, the artist revealed that she was stuck in Australia during the lockdown and was feeling very anxious like the rest of the country. The artist says that during this time, she started drawing to get away from anxiety. Her emotions were compounded and she felt less dark.

The artist says that by doing all this, she got peace in her mind and her anxiety was also reduced to a great extent. Amee further added that people started giving positive feedback to her artwork and she got completely absorbed in this work. She says that at this time everyone has some worry or problem. People just don’t express themselves openly. You can eliminate such trouble through your passions. People just need to trust themselves the most, then the clouds of sorrow will be removed from your life. You will love to read the artwork of this artist and you will also be impressed by them. Because they perfectly describe the anxiety and existential crisis that most of us go through these days. Scroll down and enjoy her artwork. You can follow Amee on Instagram