These People Asked Reddit To Roast Them So Don’t Feel Bad For Enjoying These Bombs

In these times where everyone is so sensitive, it is pretty incredible people are on the internet asking to be roasted. They are literally coming to the meanest place humanity has to offer and asking to be taken down a peg with roast jokes. So, enjoy it. They did ask for it.

#1 We met on Reddit, she drove 8 hours for us to meet IRL.

#2 My girlfriend thinks that good looks are enough to get you through life. What do you think?

#3 22F – I’m an honors student but have no idea what I wanna do with my life. Healing from a rare breast aug complication that almost killed me and I’m allergic to my pain meds. Make it hurt.

#4 My coworker: Mid 30s, a millwright by trade. Ready for action. Do your worst.

#5 My friend Zip thinks he’s unroastable. He lives on an island, sleeps all day, and Facetimes European girls when he’s awake. Humble him up a bit.

#6 20, and yes my body count is higher than my age.

#7 23F, call center rep, nothing you say can hurt me more than my parents did.

#8 I was a high school wrestling star 12 years ago. I think I can still take anyone in high school. Roast me.

#9 F34. Starting to go through a midlife crisis. Bird mom to 18 ducks & chickens. Into Star Trek, baking, and gardening. My skin is literally paper-thin thanks to a chronic illness that I have, which is almost as thin as it figuratively is. (In other words, insult me and I will cry).

#10 25, I invested in dogecoin last week.

#11 20M, single, dishwasher by day, cs go amateur by night, show me what you got.

#12 21yo recently cheated on and dumped by my ex, unemployed and thinking about dropping out of college. Do your best, or worst I don’t care anymore.

#13 Roast me like I’ve never been roasted before. I mean, I wanna feel like a rotisserie chicken in this bitch.

#14 30m. Florida man. Fatter than I’ve ever been. Quit a good job to work on a weed farm. Do your worst.

#15 No background, just roast me.