Transformation of Disney Princesses According to 21st Century

A 29 – year old artist Yudelmis “Yudie” San Emeterio who has been making the rounds on TikTok with her modern transformation of Disney Princesses. If you ever used TikTok, probably you are aware that it is full of cringy duets, adults dancing to children’s songs.

In a recent interview, the artist said she saw people giving makeovers to Disney characters and just couldn’t help herself. She says that her main goal is keeping the transformations as close to the original style and texture as possible.

Source:- Instagram

Artist Yudelmis “Yudie” San Emeterio has been recreating Disney princesses to the 21st century with her elegant ‘sparkle’


Saw people doing “glow ups” of Disney characters so I decided to do my own. I went for a more subtle change!


Aladdin is probably the only Disney movie I have not seen and I’m ashamed of myself Jasmine is though.

Many years have passed since some of the movies came out. From earlier to this day, Disney Princesses are the inspiration of many artists. Don’t miss the recreation of your favourite Princess. Check it out Now!!!