Mom Outraged After School Makes 5-Year-Old Girl ‘Cover Her Body’ And Change Clothes

There are Billions of people in the world and the same no. of opinions or even more. It is impossible to live without hurting anyone’s emotions or sentiments. Every opinion is right in their own eyes, but some opinions are wrong in everyone’s eyes. But still, some of them try to impose their views and opinions on us and it affects us negatively.

In this article, we will see how a daughter is victimized by school for her clothes and how her mother opposed the school for her daughter. Sometimes standing against wrong is important not for us, but it is important for changing society into a good place. It is not only her mother’s win it is every person’s win who supported her.

Let’s see the whole article to know the whole incident and what steps are taken by her mother for justice.

A girl in her early days of school

That girl is just 5-year-old and she has just started going to school. She is too sweet and quickly adapted the school environment. But recently she was left alone because of her clothes.

Whenever we hear dress code violation, we all will imagine a teenager

We hear about teenage girls to wear a appropriate clothes which are not revealing. Same incident happened with Catherine pearlman’s daughter in 2017. Her daughter’s height is 5’7 and failed to find a summer short which is meeting the dress code requirement.

Catherine took this incident to Internet and wrote a open letter to principal and invited him for shopping

In letter she wrote that for her daughter it is impossible to follow the dress code with the ongoing trend and if he don’t believe her he can join them for shopping.

Strict dress code because of “Distraction”

The main reason for strict dress code is because some clothing can distract the male students and teachers. The reason is too gross but this is the main reason for strict dress code. But it’s not aboys boys the clothing is for girls and for their comforts.


You support the strict dress code or not but reminder that the girl is only 5-year-old. How her revealing shoulders can be sexualised by anyone.

The girl’s mom took this incident to internet

Emily stewart the girl’s mother, feeled that whatever happened to her daughter is not fair and posted the whole event on facebook. Now this story is going to take some exciting turn.

The base of the story

This story is making sense, when summer comes everyone want to enjoy it by wearing some summer clothes.

Here what she wore

This is the image of that cute girl Harmony wearing that dress. It is the perfect summer dress and we all can see how happy she is because these is special gift from her grandma, but the rules and regulations of the school got in the way.


We all see how happy and cute she was looking the summer dress. There was nothing revealing in that dress and how someone can think a 5-year-old girl needs to cover her body.

In this dress he came home

Her bright smile is missing and why wouldn’t it be she went to school in such a special dress and came home in this pink top. Can you all imagine what shall have passed on her, when the nurse told her to change her clothes because it is revealing. How can she handle all this in such a young age.

Support from everyone who thinks they are right

Emily shared her daughter’s behaviour when she came to home, she was outcry and feeling embarrassed in that “appropriate” outfit. Other parents can’t hold their anger and feelings after reading the incident.

Emily was not in the mood to give up

Emily came live on facebook and shared her feelings, the current situation and her next steps against school. She was not in mood to give up.

Other parents got their back

And whenever it comes to injustice with child no one is more dangerous than the mother. Emily’s anger is totally justified in this situation and other parents showing their support on this event.

Media support

Her post was viral and media house approached her for interview. Her interview was watched by many more people which increases the support.

Nice work everyone

Their hard work paysoff and school principal was ready to change their policies. She shared this good news with everyone by facebookmposts.

New policy

The new policy was looking fine and accepted by everyone, but most importantly they is no words like ‘sexualized’ or ‘appropriate’ they are subjective terms that can be misinterpretend.

Big win

Emily’s post convert the negative situation in their support, attracts people for discussions and forced the school board to change their dress code policies. She was applauded by all her supporters.

A Mom won

It is not only about Harmony, but about Emily too. Whatever she done and all the steps she took was about her parenting.

19. Your views?

What do you think about this situation? Does the left photo is too revealing, does she really need to cover her body? We want to know your thoughts, share it with us in comment section.