Primary School Teacher Illustrates 10+ Hilarious Comics That Describe Reality of Jobs

A teacher’s job is honourable- A teacher is one of the adults who will have an impact on children becoming good adults. And because of that, it is one of the jobs on earth because they have to deal with children’s shenanigans people and think hard about keeping them interested. One of the most challenging issues any teacher can confirm is the children’s concentration. They work hard to handle the kids. Because being a teacher is the second hard job for a person.

After our parent’s teacher is the person who takes care of the children and also helps us to be responsible citizens, can you imagine your life without teachers? Today we are going to write about a teacher from Galway, Ireland. Who is also an artist, has been making fun of her daily life as a teacher. Needless, to say they were always fun to read, whether you were a teacher or a student! She started her comic series, “When is it Hometime?” in 2016, and today, It has created a book that organizes Matt Groening and Emmy-awarded writers of The Simpsons.































In this comic, a teacher made fun of herself as a teacher. She is explaining that being a teacher is fun but irritating because handling those kids is very difficult. That is also a responsibility regarding a teacher. They are our future, responsibly growing them makes them a better person. Beating them is not necessary. A good teacher can creatively teach them. This can be easier.