18 Reality Based Creepy Comics With Unpredictable Endings

There are two ways one can see their life, a good and a bad way. But, there can be another way to see it just how this Taiwan based comic writer Edd Lai is watching. The 29-year-old, Lai, is telling some intense reality of human existence through his dark and twisted short read comics. The stories are power pack and totally immersive, making everyone fall for his work.

In an interview with Borepanda, this dark storyteller told he has always enjoyed reading until he turned 19, that was the first time he started writing. “I was lucky to have my novels published by several publishers that were searching for young writers,” said Edd. “Since then, I’ve made writing my living, constantly pursuing this profession. I was also commissioned to write several screenplays for movies.”

Here are the 18 pictures from the comic book with unexpected endings. Invite your friends or turn all the lights before you start to read as it’s about to get spooky.

A Harsh Reality.

The writer says he interest lies in graphic arts. Thus, he not only enjoys telling through words but through visuals as well, which allows him to express his feeling better way. Edd is currently working on an experimental series, entitled “Edd Lai’s Stories.”

Because In Today’s World Only Materialistic Love Exist.

He define his work as ‘horrifying’ but in delightful and bright way. “[Through my comics], I try to explore the different facades of humanity, highlighting our perception of the world.” Both the good and evil. The hero and the villain. “We tend to label everything we know, but there’s often a difference between the way a thing looks, and the way it is underneath its appearance.”

An Unforgettable Bitter Childhood Can Be Hard.

The artist believes his stories are so sharp that it can be a perfect adaption for any movies. “My stories might appear to be dark, but they can be delightful or even cute. The pieces I’ve written for Edd Lai’s Stories are short, [but they have] a sudden twist at the end, which makes them super dramatic.”

The Fear Is For Real.

Edd knows it’s the tone of his stories that make them shine out from the rest.

Night Can Be Darker Than You Have Ever Thought.

Just like a normal person, the artist agrees to have a dark place in his heart, but he doesn’t allow it to control his life. One can always choose to light up the night, Lai said.

How Sad And Shameful The Mentality Still Exist