Artist Created Some Hilarious Comics Based On Real-life Awkward Situations, That We Bet You’ll All Relate To

Sometimes we people act so awkwardly, especially if we are introverts. Sometimes we are just like, I don’t know what to say when someone compliments us. And that situation becomes so awkward. We have faced this kind of situation a lot, especially if we are in public. So, have you guys ever faced an uncomfortable social situation? Some of us feel this more than other people. And if you really think this is relatable, then we have something for you.

Therefore, we bring some webcomics that match with those frightening yet witty situations. So, this artist illustrated some hilariously relatable illustrations, and these are based on our exceptionally awkward situations. Moreover, this artist’s work is realistic, and she really deserves acknowledgment and appreciation for her excellent taste of humor.

We felt those situations where we acted a little awkward. Whether it’s because of the way you just responded to a question or from you overreacted in some circumstances. So, we understand that this kind of situation can be annoying and hard to handle. Sometimes when we suddenly think about those situations, we feel so embarrassed. So, We are like, why did I say that, and why did I do that, and in the end, we just want to forget all these awkward situations and move on.

So, here are artist Eirinnske’s comics that she thinks can help make things easier or at least take it lightly! With situations like having a sense of being judged in public, to people asking you to marry soon, she has turned it all on the head with her caricatures.

via: eirinnske_comics


1. The endless cereal debate!


2. The emotional triggers. Uff!


3. This one is for some strange fetish we all have


4. All morning Zoom calls, in a nutshell


5. The height of self love, or difference of opinions?


6. Anxiety is a little monster in your head that won’t stop screaming.


7. Oh 2021, we all had hopes from you


8. The Black Friday Sales be like


9. We've all been there, done that!


10. That's a millennial accomplishment


11. We all love doing that. I mean, showing off our childhood


12. Me... and my weird obsessions!


13. Yeah, some people have never watched Star Wars, and that's okay


14. Yup, we side with the dragon on this!


15. Wish we all had a big Tindered mirror


16. Feminists, this isn't for you. Or is it?


17. Who won't fall for such luscious locks?


18. Did you say you have a thought? IDC!


19. Some basics are actually super powers that not all of us possess


20. That's brutal!


21. When people confuse personality type with disorders


22. Yeah, but not the one you had expected


23. Opinions! Opinions!... first get yourself a mirror please


24. My life, my rules, my clock


25. If you wish to stay alive, never... I repeat 'never' tell anyone the secret of your grandma's recipes


26. Will keep that a secret


27. Compliments matter!


28. Well, we all have some days like these


29. Dumb logics of dumb people


30. Better away from people who don't get your taste or talent


31. When your anxiety and self consciousness take the best of you


32. And now the genie is confused


33. Your mental status has nothing to do with your appearance


34. Surprising, how the cats shed their size and still have enough fur on them


35. The benefits of wrong size perceptions