An Artist Illustrates A Ravaged Disney World Which Will Makes Us Think About Saving Ours

We all know the world of Disney and its stories very well from our childhood days. It always had shown a beautiful and happy ending journey of all its characters. But have you ever imagined what if the Disney stories were based on reality? What if the characters were living a life same that we live in today? Well, Jeff Hong has imagined the same situation and created amazing stories of the Disney characters based on the life we are living now.

The artist said he often has a pretty clear idea of what a particular character should look like in real life in his mind but creating their portrait can become a process of trial and error. “As all of [them] do not particularly have extremely distinct facial features, it is often more about getting a sense of their personality across.” Scroll down to meet the cartoons in real life and upvote your favorites.

You must check it out down here.

Mulan Wearing A Mask Because Of Air Pollution!

Ariel Surviving In The Polluted Sea.

Even Elsa Couldn’t Save The Polar Ice From Melting.

McQueen Stuck In Traffic.

The Hundred Acre Deforestation.

Nani, Lilo, And Stich Begging For Money.

Simba Stucks In Zoo

Pocahontas In The Casino.

The Corporate Jungle Is Wasn’t Quite What Tarzan Was Expecting.

Mowgli Faces Reality.

The Circus Is The New World For Dumbo.

Sebastian Got Caught.

Esmeralda Living A Con Life.

Belle Is Not Happy With Her Skin Problems.

Aurora For The First Time In A Bar

Remy In A Cosmetic Testing Center

Bambi Became A Wall Decor.