30 Quirky Comics With Unexpected Twists By ToonHole John

Ryan Kramer, aka ToonHole Ryan, draw unexpected and funny comics that make us think that how weird our world really is. Ryan is a part of ToonHole which is a group of friends who illustrate hilarious cartoons. Although, it officially launched in 2010 and now he has over 26k followers on insta and 3.3k followers on Facebook.

Ryan shared that apart from making comics, he also like fitness, raising kids, enjoy meditation and philosophy.

From “GET A PET”, “Take The Last Slice”, To “The Gift of Forever”, we have gathered some of ToonHole’s artwork. So scroll down and check it out!!!

Source- Instagram


“I developed my style through a fondness of classic cartoons and MAD magazine. I’m also inspired by my peers in the animation industry and the webcomic world.”


“I met the other ToonHole guys in college and we bonded over a love of old cartoons and similar drawing sensibilities. It’s always a challenge to grow your audience consistently since media platforms are always evolving and moving the goalposts. It’s also a challenge to get big accounts and content aggregators to appropriately credit your shared work.”



“Writing a good comic means I have to allow time for my mind to wander so I can capture an idea worth drawing,” Ryan told about his creative process. “A comic from start to finish is usually anywhere from 2 to 6 hours depending on complexity and style.”

Ryan added that he feels extremely grateful to have the readership and support that he’s amassed over the last 10 years. “I hope my work ushers a little more joy into the world because making these has surely given me immense pleasure.”

More than 99k people follow Ryan on Instagram and he has nearly 5.5k fans each on Facebook and on Twitter.